What's "helping our kids" all about?


    With Covid-19 affecting the entire world, our children are greatly at risk to fall behind on their school studies. Bon Air Learning Support was developed to provide a safe environment for your students to learn while following the Chesterfield School System curriculum. We are actively enrolling students in the elementary Grades 1-5. Our intention is to enroll 8 students only so that each student gets the attention they deserve and that social distancing is strictly maintained. Spaces will probably go fast so don't hesitate to register your student. School begins on Tuesday Sept. 8th.


    * All CDC guidelines for social distancing, face masks, hand washing, etc. will be strictly adhered to. Our goal is to provide a safe and happy environment for all students.


    This program will provide a service to our community for parents who wish to ensure that their children keep up with their studies while providing the parents, who may be working from home, time to devote themselves to their job or Family responsibilities. Further, children who may be struggling academically will be offered one-to-one remediation. Children will be nurtured and will have some opportunities to interact with other children.


    What does the schedule look like this Fall with Chesterfield County?

    The Bon Air Learning Support is conveniently located in Bon Air on Buford Road. The learning center is open every day at 8:00 AM, ready for students to be dropped off. Since we'll be following the time schedule as Chesterfield County Schools, students will be equipped with their Chromebooks and ready to begin their classes at 8:30 AM. Children will be asked to bring their own lunches, we'll supply the boxed drinks. Lunch will be served from 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM. The students will be ready to be picked up by their parents at 1:00 PM.


    The following daily schedule is the most recent that Chesterfield Schools has published:


                                               Sample Schedule for Grades 2-5


            Time                       Subject                                                                  Description


    8:00 - 8:30 Teacher preparation and planning


    8:30 - 9:00 Morning Meeting Whole group (i.e. Morning Meeting, SEL)


    9:00-11:00 Following the Morning Meeting, the order of Reading, Math & Resource may vary depending on grade level.

                       For example, some grade levels may have math in the morning and some may have reading in the morning.

                       Reading, Language, and Arts with Integrated Social Studies is included.


    11:00-11:30 Lunch, movement break.


    11:30-12:30 Math with Integrated Science.


    12:30-1:00 Art, music, library, PE, possibly gardening


     1:00 PM   Children are picked up by their parents.  


    Meet our two Directors who are devoting their time to "helping our kids."

    picture of Jane


    Jane Gordon is a career educator with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Masters’ Degree in Special Education: Learning Disabilities. She holds a current Postgraduate Professional License from the Virginia Department of Education. She has taught in Henrico County and Fauquier County Schools as well as Richmond Public Schools and in the Hospital Education Program at VCU, as a classroom teacher, resource teacher, hospital teacher on Pediatrics, and homebound teacher.


    Currently she teaches preschoolers in cancer treatment and their siblings and tutors children who are cancer survivors for a nonprofit organization. She has also served as an educational consultant in an outpatient psychiatric clinic and in the Child Neurology Clinic at VCU. For more than 10 years she worked as an educational diagnostician in Richmond Public Schools and continues to evaluate young people in her private practice. It is her joy to engage with children in the learning process and celebrate their successes.


    I began my educational career as a fifth-grade teacher in Chicago, Illinois. Over the next 48 years, I served as a High School Business teacher in Chicago, a High School Principal in Fairfax Virginia, a Middle School and High School Principal in Henrico County and then completed my career as a Henrico County Central Office Administrator.



    The weekly tuition cost of a student is $150. Preferred payment is by credit card, paid at the end of each week.

    Student Application

    If you are interested in applying for your student, we ask that you first fill out the Student Application (PDF file) and email it to janecgordon@aol.com Jane will then call you to further discuss the Bon Air Learning Support and to make arrangements to tour the facilities.


    A positive environment means so much to successful learning.

    Unity of Bon Air

    This is a 11,000 square foot building only 9 years old. Students will have plenty of room to spread out. We hope to be able to allocate one room per student. Constant cleaning of bathrooms will also be performed from 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM.

    The Promenade

    Located right outside the large Fellowship Hall, the Promenade is a wonderful place to congregate with it's constant flowing waterfall and 40' shallow pool.   

    Meditation Gardens

    The Meditation Gardens will offer your students a chance to get close to the wonders of Mother Nature. The 2 acres of gardens include numerous statuary, benches and swings, hundreds of azaleas and camellias, and numerous pathways meandering throughout the woods. One Chesterfield County Planning Director called it  "the premier Meditation Garden in all of Chesterfield County."


    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

    Unity Of Bon Air
    923 Buford Rd.
    Richmond, VA 23235